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Love & Enjoy English: Enrichment Edition # (L5,Y4)

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Berat | 0.500kg
  • Kuantiti: 51
  • Produk SKU: 9789672440048

Tajuk: Love & Enjoy English: Enrichment Edition
ISBN: 9789672440048
Penerbit: Firdaus Press Publications
Penulis: Suganthi Gopalan, Shariza Shahari, & Vasanthi Gopalan
Tahun Terbitan: 2022
Muka Surat: 263
Halaman: Berwarna
Format: Paperback
Berat (kg): 0.500kg
Dimensi (cm): 26cm x 19cm x 1.2cm
Our book covers a collection of various English enrichment aspects and it is written with the intention of helping those who have an interest in improving their English proficiency in both speaking and writing skills. The book is written based on our experience in handling students for more than two decades, it is not only applicable to secondary school students but those who are in college and university too can become more competent and proficient by using it.


Besides, this book can be of great help to working adults who aspire to improve their English proficiency. At times, we are put off from reading some books as we encounter problems in comprehending the content, and looking up for meaning of words could be an uphill task for many. Bearing this in mind, time and effort had been put in by us to provide the explanation in Bahasa Melayu wherever possible, so that the readers get the best benefit out of this book. The explanation is simple and straight forward which enables readers to understand clearly and without any difficulty. It has become apparent that proficiency in English is among the top five skills that employers look for when hiring which means that English proficiency is a must for career advancement.


We are optimistic this book will help everyone to improve English proficiency in effective ways.