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Rules Have Changed (L98)

HARGA: RM55.00 - RM49.50

Berat | 0.290kg
  • Kuantiti: 6
  • Produk SKU: 9789672805519

Tajuk: Rules Have Changed
ISBN: 9789672805519
Penerbit: Kanyin Publication
Penulis: Jonathan Quek
Tahun Terbitan: 2023
Muka Surat : 212
Halaman : Hitam Putih & Berwarna
Format: Paperback
Berat (kg): 0.290 kg
Dimensi (cm): 21cm x 14cm x 1cm
The world is constantly evolving, and so are the rules of entrepreneurship and leadership. As a business owner, it's crucial to adapt to the new rules to stay ahead of the competition and succeed in today's rapidly changing business world. From building a winning sales team, to building an omni channel marketing strategy, to creating a culture of curiosity and experimentation, "Rules Have Changed" offers valuable insights and strategies to help you thrive in the new era of business. Don't get left behind in the old ways of doing things. Embrace the new rules and watch your business soar to new heights.