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Why Me: A Parent's Journey With a Preschool Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder (L120)

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Berat | 0.250kg
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  • Produk SKU: 9789672805533

Tajuk: Why Me: A Parent's Journey With a Preschool Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder
ISBN: 9789672805533
Penerbit: Kanyin Publication
Penulis: Dr Shan Narayanan
Tahun Terbitan: 2023
Muka Surat : 176
Halaman : Hitam Putih & Berwarna
Format: Paperback
Berat (kg): 0.250 kg
Dimensi (cm): 21cm x 14cm x 1cm
This is a must-read book for parents and family members of preschool children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), early childhood practitioners and others working with or caring for preschool children with ASD.

The book is presented predominantly as a conversation between the author, Dr Shan Narayanan, and Puan Mohanita Azlina, the mother of a pre-school child with ASD. In the course of her many conversations with Dr Shan, Puan Mohanita got to understand her son’s condition, and learned how to support him.

This helped her to firstly, accept her son as he is and cope better with his condition, and secondly, chart a plan to maximise his capabilities.

Written in a simple conversational style, this book is an invaluable supplementary support for parents, families and anyone involved in the education and care of pre-school children with ASD.

The Mother and Child Behind Why Me?

Puan Mohanita Azlina binti Mohamad is a mother of three boys. An early childhood practitioner who owns a kindergarten, she is a natural upbeat woman with a positive and proactive mindset.

However, her world was rocked when her youngest son, Muhaimin bin Mohamad Amirsyah Saidi, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when he was three-and-a-half years old. Puan Mohanita and her family initially struggled to accept the diagnosis. Thanks to her optimistic outlook in life, she quickly came to terms with his condition and rallied her family on board. Together, they have supported Muhaimin through all the typical challenges facing children with ASD and are working towards bringing the best out of him.